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    The guys started/finished the job today at 151 Bordeau Wendover. They did a really good job, the gutters and downspout look great – the colour match was excellent and the placement of the downspout on the house was very well done too. Please thank the guys for doing the job. It looks like one of the best jobs on the street. I will refer anyone who is interested in a similar service for the professionalism, quality and speed of your work. Thanks

    — Shawn Murray

    Last summer we had major jobs done by Maize Siding and Eavestroughing. The jobs were done beautifully. I would give each of them an A++ rating. The estimator did a beautiful job in designing the seamless trough. The spouts did its job and took the water away from the house. It was a pleasure working with Maize.

    —Walter Terentiuk