Leaf Guard

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Leave Guard & Gutter Screens Ottawa

Our leaf guard gutter systems will protect your eavestrough from clogging from any outside elements. We use and install the best gutter guards on the market.

Does your eavestrough clog with leaves?

Maize offer 2 types of leaf guard screens.

leafleftThe alu-rex M5200 is installed while installing your new eavestrough.


The alu-rex M5300 is installed on your existing eavestrough

Why install leaf guard?

  • avoid debris while letting water flow
  • eliminate the seasonal chore of cleaning your eavestrough
  • the M5200 design makes your eavestrough stronger

We recommend you call us or any professional to install eavestrough gutter guards to make sure they are secure and installed properly. Call us today for a free estimate on a leaf guard system installation!